No use crying over (the type of) spilt milk

Don't bring your breast is best crap around here. If you wanna breastfeed you better go do it in an out of sight corner in the privacy of your own home. And don't even think about mentioning formula! Ick! Why would a baby want either! Can't you just feed it food like the rest of [...]


The awkwardness of play dates for my childrens sake

I am a shy person. I don't say a lot. Small talk isn't my thing. I am anti-social. An introvert. This is a problem when it comes to having children.  My oldest child is at an age where perhaps playdates should be happening. Maybe? I'm not too sure.  See, when I was a kid, my [...]

To vaccinate, or not to vaccinate?

That is the question... A question, that in 100% of Mum groups, creates heated discussion. When I say heated, I mean intense, brutal, vicious and wild. And when I say disussion, I mean arguement, feud...war. This topic has again reared it's head in mainstream NZ with Labour Party Leader, Andrew Little suggesting it's worth following [...]