No use crying over (the type of) spilt milk

Don’t bring your breast is best crap around here. If you wanna breastfeed you better go do it in an out of sight corner in the privacy of your own home. And don’t even think about mentioning formula! Ick! Why would a baby want either! Can’t you just feed it food like the rest of us?


We all know that the breastfeeding vs. formula feeding debate has been going on since forever. Every so often the professionals like to switch it up telling us one is better than the other and us Mum’s jump on the bandwagon… or we don’t.

I have two kids (in case you didn’t already know) and I chose to breastfeed both. My first baby fed for 14 months and weaned herself. I was 6 months pregnant with #2 at the time.

#2 breastfed for 16 months. I had to force him to stop. Cold turkey. It wasn’t working for me and I decided that nutritionally he didn’t need it and emotionally, it was to his advantage to find other forms of comfort than to have a strung out, agitated bitch for a mum.

Now there was a time with my second baby where I thought we may switch to formula. He was 6 months old. We tried, and failed to get him to take a bottle. He loved the fresh stuff though and didn’t want a bar of anything that was in a bottle. Not even the liquid gold that I had spent hours milking myself for. So we persisted with the feeding and like I said, got to 16 months before I had enough.

I couldn’t care less about what anyone else thinks about how I chose to feed my kids. If you must know, the main reason I chose to breastfeed my first baby is because it was free. It was easy for me to continue breastfeeding because me and her clicked. She latched on like we’d been doing it for years and it was easy for me. We didn’t have issues with weight gain or reflux or any of that other stuff. It was a dream run with her.

When I had my second baby it was even easier! I was a pro already and he, like my firstborn, took to it like a fish to water.

The convenience of breastfeeding is what made me choose it, however, I know that breasfeeding isn’t so easy for others.

It may well be natural, but its faaaaaar from ‘natural.’ Your baby doesn’t just pop out and you all of a sudden have all this knowledge about feeding them from your udders. No. Breastfeeding is learned. And boy is it learned.

So I get why some Mum’s choose formula. Sometimes your state of mind is more important than making sure your baby gets the right balance of foremilk and hindmilk.

Sometimes the worry that they aren’t gaining enough weight isn’t worth it.

Sometimes the endless all night feeding sessions are so hard that you just need a break.

A lot of the time, the reality is we need to go back to work and many employers don’t let you take your kid with you. If you think breastfeeding is hard, wait until you try to suck that milky goodness out artificially. With a plastic pump in a cold room. It doesn’t quite work as well as a baby.

Sometimes you can’t. I mean, actually can’t. Something medical or otherwise is physically stopping you from breastfeeding.

And sometimes you just don’t want to. You just want freedom and after having someone literally attached to you for 9 months, you deserve some freedom.

The point is, no matter what your choice is, it’s yours to make. And whatever your reason, I’m 100% sure the choice is in the best interests of your child. Years down the track, when your kid is filling out a job application for the first time, I can guarantee that there will not be a question asking if they were breastfed or formula fed so don’t sweat it.

This time where you have to feed your child is so damn short in the grand scheme of things. Your baby needs to be fed and you can’t feed them big peoples food so pick one, or do both. It’s a thing too. Fed is best. If we can get that to be our priority, mumming becomes a lot less stressful.


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