Reasons my 3 year olds life sucks today.

1: She woke up
Waking up is a very hard thing to do. Especially when you’re a toddler and you refused to sleep until 11pm. It’s especially hard on days when you need to be somewhere by a certain time. On these days my toddler likes to sleep in, even though on days we don’t need to be anywhere she wakes up at 5am.

2: She got blueberry flavoured yoghurt with her porridge instead of Strawberry
Huge deal, I know. Even though she requested blueberry, I should’ve known better than to give her what she asks for. 

3: She spilt juice on her Frozen jersey and had to replace it with a Batgirl jersey
It’s extremely devestating when this happens. Some toddlers would go so far as to say it’s “The End of the World.” Mine is one of these.

4: I put her left arm into her seatbelt first
Clearly her right arm needs to go into her seatbelt first! What good parent doesn’t know that the right arm needs to go in first! Geez!

5: She needed to go to the toilet
Such a huge inconvenience! She needs to cry for at least 10minutes and get to the point of just about wetting herself before she will submit to the fact that she DOES need to go. Obviously she then needs to proceed to cry the whole time as well. Just to reinforce how much going to the toilet sucks.

6: I stopped her from eating the chewing gum off the ground.
What was I thinking!? There absolutley isn’t anything wrong with scraping gum off the concrete and eating it! I am so cruel!

7: I didn’t buy her the $150 Doll’s Castle at Kmart
My toddler is so hard done by! I now see that it was extremely unfair of me not to buy this for her just because she asked for it. It’s not Christmas or her Birthday but I should have just bought it. Instead I dragged her screaming around the shop and didn’t buy anything! #BadMum

8: Her cheeseburger was on top of her toy in the Happy Meal box
These McDonalds workers these days have no idea the impact they have on my toddlers life!

9: Her rice was touching her chicken
Dinner time is stressful enough when you are 3 years old. Double the stress when your food is touching! 

10: Her brother looked at her
This is the worst. Why would her brother think it’s okay to look at her!? He is 1! He should know better! 


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