We made it to 3!

This minute, 3 years ago, I watched my pregnant tummy deflate into a jelly-like wobble as I pushed my oldest baby out into the big wide world!
Now I’m watching her run around screaming, laughing, talking and playing with her younger brother. It’s driving me nuts and giving me a headache but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

That she can run means she has learned to stand. Learned to put one foot in front of the other and then learned to leap and do it faster.

That she screams and talks means she can hear. She has learned to communicate, to speak a language and understand it.

That she laughs and plays means she knows what happiness is. She has learned what joy is.

That she does all this with her brother means she knows what a relationship is. She has learned to be kind and caring. She has learned to teach. She can share. Not just things like toys, but knowledge too.

Yes, two children running around my sitting room screaming is giving me a headache. But I am thankful they have the freedom and ability to do that.

We made it to three, Baylee. Happy Birthday! 



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