It gets easier, right? Wrong.

When my first baby was born I struggled with all the normal things a brand spanking new mum struggles with.

Is she eating enough? Why is she crying? Why is her poop that colour? Why is she crying? Why is she sleeping so much? Why is she crying? Why isn’t she sleeping? Why is she crying?

The usual, you know?

During this stage, it seemed to be the consensus that everything was going to get easier.

It did in a sense. I figured out my baby’s normal. I could tell why she was crying 90% of the time, I knew the likely reason she was sleeping so much is because she didn’t sleep at all the night before. And I’d been enlightened to the fact that she didn’t sleep because.

Just because.

That’s apparently what babies like to do sometimes…not sleep. It was a favourite pastime of my darling firstborn.

Just as something got easier though, something else got harder.

For example, Solids.

Need I say more? Just as I had gotten breastfeeding down and I had passed Plunket’s test of not malnourishing my child and exclusively breastfeeding her for the first 6 months, we decide to throw real, messy, time consuming food into the mix.

Queue a whole new world of hard.

Is she choking? Why is she spitting it out? Don’t give her that, we haven’t introduced her to Apples yet. How much sugar is in this? Does that have any salt?

And just when we have all those ‘level two hards’ figured out…

Hellooooo positive pregnancy test!

Be prepared for a 9 month rollercoaster of twice as hard as it was before. And that’s even before the second baby arrives!

Truth: My second child was a dream, therefore, I must have learned something with the first and therefore, it did get easier. BUT, my first baby, my precious little girl, is still growing and changing and everything is still the first for her.

I may not be worrying about why her poop is a lovely shade of green, but I worry about other things. How long can she survive on bananas and bread because she refuses to eat anything else? Why does she have such an attitude? Is she making friends at daycare? How does toilet training work? Why is she scared and how can I help if a cuddle from Mum doesn’t do the trick anymore?

This leads me to the conclusion that no, it doesn’t get easier.

It gets different. 

That’s ok though. We live and learn. I am forever grateful for my daughter’s patience with me. She is leading the way for her brother and he has it easy because of it. We are on a journey in the dark and we’re leaving the lights on behind us.

My son is lucky to have her. I am so lucky to have her.

No, it isn’t easy and it might not get easier. But it is 100% worth it.





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